Some Reasons Why Divorces Are on the Rise

When people commit themselves to marriage they firmly believe that they know and understand their life partners better than anyone else. They expect their partners to love them unconditionally and support them through all odds. When certain things happen and this strong faith and belief are shaken, the entire foundation of the marriage receives a major jolt. Being able to predict, count on and trust one’s life partner is paramount to any happy and healthy marital relationship. The divorce rate has gone up in recent times and is continually on the rise. Here are some of the most common reasons why marital relationships are breaking up.


Infidelity is one of the most common reasons behind a couple splitting up. Cheating a spouse is disastrous for any marital relationship. It would in most cases, eventually lead to a divorce. Infidelity usually starts as an innocent friendship that becomes an emotional affair and takes no time to become a truly physical affair. Infidelity leads to a total breakdown of a marriage as there is no room for trust between the two partners anymore. Marriages that survive even after infidelity are marriages of compromise. In most cases, partners are not willing to compromise and seek divorce instead.

Lack of Commitment

According to a survey, 73% of couples stated that the main reason for their divorce was the lack of commitment. Commitment is the key to any successful marital relationship. Couples need to stay committed and they need to work harder towards nurturing the relationship. 62% of divorcees felt that their spouses should have been more devoted to the relationship.

Excessive Arguments

Around 56% of divorcees felt that too much argument led to the breakup. Incessant arguments do not resolve any issues; instead, they generate a lot of bitterness and ill-feeling among the two partners. One of the main reasons why you keep on arguing is that you are not able to appreciate or understand or validate your spouse’s perspective. If you start appreciating his or her viewpoint, you are able to reduce conflicts and find appropriate solutions.


Unfortunately, 29% of divorces occurred due to domestic violence. Divorce could be an extremely complicated and tedious process for abuse victims. First of all, you need to understand and establish that you are safe to start divorce proceedings. Get in touch with your close friends and family and let them know about the real situation and the possible dangers you may confront while pursuing divorce. Always keep a back-up plan ready. You could consult the best family lawyers Melbourne for effective guidance.


More often than not, addictions lead to a divorce. For most people it is difficult to accept or forgive addiction issues especially if the addiction did not exist or was not known at the beginning of the marriage. Pornography or gambling, alcohol or drug problems are often the main reason for a divorce. Addiction leads to trust issues.

Drastic Shift in Priorities

Major or sudden changes in priorities could eventually lead to a divorce. With time, people tend to grow and often in the process they change. Sometimes a couple grows together and the change in priority is then a decision taken by them together. Sometimes people tend to grow apart and cannot accept the shift in priorities. When a change in priorities seems unacceptable to a partner, divorce is very much on the cards.

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