Commercial Law

SSSL endeavours to forge excellent working relationship with clients in order to provide targeted, practical, cost effective and high quality legal services that meet the client’s specific needs.

Corporate Law

We represent a broad range of both public and private corporate enterprises, acting for clients in such diverse fields as construction, mining, petroleum, manufacturing and retail chains and Trans-national companies.

Property Law & Conveyancing

When purchasing or selling a property, a savvy businessperson needs reliable advice to ensure the process is well handled; problem free and the business and personal interests are fully protected.

Small Business

Whether clients are purchasing, growing or selling a business, SSSL can help. With over 18 years experience in the field of Business Law, we provide customised and pragmatic solutions at a reasonable cost.

Family Law

The breakdown of a family or de facto relationship is a difficult challenge for all concerned. SSSL provides sensitive and practical advice to help our client’s reach a beneficial outcome , protecting their financial interests and the rights of their children.

Civil Litigation

At SSSL, we explore all options with our clients in order to achieve effective solutions, and provide support without the need for litigation proceedings wherever possible. We work hard to apply our legal knowledge to our client’s civil law situations

Debt Recovery

At SSSL, we provide complete advisory and recovery of debts. We can help our client’s businesses handle slow paying clients, clients who refuse to pay or disputes over goods or services.

Criminal Law/ Police Charges

At SSSL, our commitment is to lawfully defend and enhance our client’s interests in order to realize the best possible outcome on their behalf. We will represent our client’s prior and subsequent to police charges.

Traffic Offences

In the last decade it has become significantly easier to lose your licence. The accumulation of demerit points for speeding offences, double demerit periods and automatic suspension periods for exceeding the speed limit

Wills/Succession/Probate/Estate Litigation

Wills and estates is one area of law that affects everyone at some stage of their lives. SSSL can manage a variety of related legal issues, ranging from routine wills to complex plans for large estates to special

Immigration Law

Australia’s immigration laws are complex and frequently changing, but at SSSL we take pride on keeping informed of important changes to immigration regulation and legislation in order meet the needs of our clients.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is one of the key concerns that impact upon all knowledge based and IT-enabled industries. In the new economy of high technology, the protection of intellectual property rights is fundamental

Arbitration & Mediation

SSSL can assist with the resolution of disputed matters by way of arbitration and mediation proceedings. Moreover, we have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the drafting of arbitration agreements

White Collar Crime

White-collar crime covers a wide range of offences created by various pieces of legislation. At SSSL, we are dedicated to thorough preparation and vigorous representation. No matter what the challenges or circumstances of our client’s matter

Equal Opportunity/Discrimination

SSSL can provide advice on equal opportunity legislation, including the drafting of policies, as well as providing our client’s with representation in equal opportunity claims and discrimination matters.

Resources Law

The resources industry, while a major contributor to the Australian economy, confronts a number of unique challenges in regards to transport, services and infrastructure needed to export on a broad scale.

India Practice

India is fast emerging as the top destination for Australian businesses and companies. Its economy is undergoing rapid change and transformation, creating new and expanding opportunities for trade.