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Disagreements take place all the time, but if disputes between parties cannot have mutually agreeable solution then you would need to seek legal help from the courts to resolve this disagreement. Civil litigation could be used for resolving all kinds of conflicts from contract disputes to personal injury cases, from contested wills to disagreements between two neighbours. At Saundh, Singh & Smith Lawyers we offer the most competent civil litigation Melbourne. Our attorneys boast of extensive litigation expertise and experience. We understand that it is really very stressful, challenging and often frightening. We at SSSL take immense pride in providing straightforward advice and astute representation for all civil litigation matters.

You are advised not to head to court straightaway on your own. Whether you are a small business or an individual, a plaintiff or defendant, you essentially require the guidance and services of a civil litigator, who is widely experienced on all facets of civil litigation. Your attorney would help you in preparing and filing the lawsuit. He may at the same time carry on negotiating to accomplish out of court settlement. Suppose the conflict could not be amicably resolved, civil litigation lawyers would be working with you for developing a strategy. They would be representing you in a court of law and would be advocating on your behalf all through the civil trial. We provide effective and efficient civil litigation Melbourne.

We have goodwill in the business thanks to our deep commitment to excellence and our truly diligent efforts. Our team of fully qualified trial lawyers pay complete attention to what you are trying to convey. Our team believes in doing thorough research about all aspects of the case. We are much experienced to understand the implications. We believe in developing winning strategies.

Our intention is to come up with effective solutions and try to eliminate the need for litigation. Our aim is to successfully resolve conflicts in a cost-effective and timely manner. In the event of court action we wish to assure you that we possess exceptional technical legal knowledge and invaluable litigation experience for making sure that court proceedings are actually conducted efficiently. We deal with litigation issues and dispute resolution in:

  • The Supreme Court
  • The County Court
  • The Magistrate Court
  • ¬†Litigation in India
  • ¬†Inter-state litigation

Come to SSSL for top grade civil litigation Melbourne. Winning is our passion and we work hard to win. Our civil attorneys make sure that your rights are acknowledged and upheld.