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Hire Criminal Lawyers Melbourne

We at Saundh, Singh and Smith Lawyers are fully committed and determined to handle any criminal litigation cases and get the best possible results for our clients. When a defendant is accused of criminal misconduct by the government, a criminal defense lawyer or a public defender is hired to represent his or her interests in a court of law and all subsequent dealings. If you require someone to represent you, look no further than SSSL; we are specialist criminal lawyers Melbourne, dedicated to helping our clients.

The fundamental difference between civil and criminal cases is that criminal cases spring from crimes, and are initiated by the government or a law enforcement agency, while civil cases are always initiated by the victims of legal wrongdoing. Crimes can range from petty thefts and misdemeanors to very serious felonies, white-collar crimes and high-profile cases. In any case, you require capable and experienced representation if you wish to stand a chance against the best prosecutors fielded by the State. This is where we come in.

At SSSL, we hire the very best criminal lawyers Melbourne and boast an incredible success rate. We are more than willing to take up representation of the client prior to or subsequent to charges being laid officially by the police. We will attend every interview and correspondence to safeguard the client’s rights. We conduct negotiations, advise the client on every statement and every update, and ensure that he is kept in the loop throughout. Be it a settlement or a full waiving of charges, we strive to get the best possible outcome for the defendant in every case.

Saundh, Singh and Smith Lawyers provide full representation against each of the following types of criminal charges:

  • Physical Assault, Violence and Injury Cases
  • Domestic Violence and Spousal or Parental Abuse Offenses
  • Sexual Offences, Rape or Eve-Teasing Cases
  • Drug Abuse, Drug Peddling, Sale, Distribution, Ownership of prohibited or controlled substances related offences
  • Possession and use of dangerous weapons or firearms
  • White-Collar Crimes, fraud, false statement and perjury
  • Theft, Robbery, Embezzlement and related offences
  • Murder and Manslaughter
  • Public Order Offences.

Our approach to each case is comprehensive and dynamic, and we conduct extensive investigation of our own. Our staff is helpful, tremendously experienced, skilled at the job, and are dedicated to securing justice and the best possible results, suit after suit. You can depend on us, as we are indeed the most capable criminal lawyers Melbourne.