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Are you looking for reliable family lawyers Melbourne?  You surely have come to the best in town. A divorce or a breakdown of a de facto relationship could really be a highly sensitive issue and an emotional affair for everyone involved. The couple would need to withstand the pain of a broken relationship and go through the difficult process of splitting assets. Things become even tough if children are involved. Divorce could be a lengthy and painful affair especially, if one partner is not willing to cooperate. Divorce is really quite a hardship, but we at Saundh, Singh and Smith Lawyers make things slightly easier for you.

We at SSSL, take immense pride in our expert team of family lawyers Melbourne. We try our best to make your divorce process as hassle-free and smooth as possible for you and everyone involved. Our specialist divorce lawyers would be working relentlessly to ensure that everyone is ultimately satisfied and happy with the outcome. You need to take many important decisions including alimony, child visitation and child support. Our divorce attorneys are there by your side every step of the way in processing paperwork, making necessary phone calls etc. Rest assured to get the best legal help in town.

Unmatched Services

The disintegration of any set de-facto relationship like a family or any household can be difficult for all parties concerned. We at SSSL, the best family lawyers Melbourne, understand this, and try to provide practical but sensitive advice to our clients, to help them through these testing times and make it through to the end, having protected their rights, their children’s rights and all financial interests.

To take some of the stress off your shoulders and save you time, money and effort, we try our level best to finish the case via out-of-court settlements. We offer advice and representation in each of the following regions:

  • Spousal maintenance
  • Separation or Estrangement
  • Registration or Filing of Overseas Parenting Orders
  • Parenting orders
  • Local or Overseas Property-related settlements
  • Investigation and Search for Evidence Abroad
  • Mediation and Negotiations
  • Prenuptial agreement contract formulation
  • International or interstate matters
  • Child abduction cases
  • Return Applications for the Hague Convention
  • Domestic Violence cases
  • Financial agreements
  • Dissolution of marriage or divorce
  • De Facto relationship management or termination
  • Co-habitation
  • Custody
  • Counselling
  • Dispute resolution
  • Child support, registration and enforcement of overseas liabilities
  • ​Access.