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The legal system is known to recognize the rights of companies and individuals that create or invent unique works, granting and allowing them ownership of all those intangible and tangible assets by formulating many intellectual property laws. Intellectual property actually includes trademarks, patents, copyright, trade secrets and trade dress.

Intellectual property lawyers work in cooperation with individuals and businesses to safeguard these intellectual properties or assets. Law firms and IP attorneys help in the initial steps for protecting assets, while coordinating with clients for licensing items and protecting assets that are infringed, misappropriated and plagiarized.

In this present digital era today’s businesses are aware of the fact that their processes, ideas, information and media are some of their most prized assets. Ranked as one of the premier intellectual property firms, Saundh, Singh & Smith Lawyers’ team of IP attorneys focuses primarily on providing multi-disciplinary and comprehensive intellectual property services with the aim of assisting clients in obtaining greatest possible business advantages in copyright, patents, trademarks, IP transaction and also trade secrets.

Our team of intellectual property lawyers offers proper guidance and sound advice based on expertise and extensive experience in intellectual property matters including its acquisition, management, enforcement as well as commercial exploitation.

Intellectual property is definitely one of the major issues that affect all IT-enabled and knowledge based industries. Today’s economy is characterized by high technology. It therefore, becomes imperative to protect intellectual property rights to ensure a company’s continued growth and success. Businesses that are investing resources and time toward protection of all their intellectual property are able to heighten their competitiveness. At SSSL, our team of expert intellectual property lawyers offer advice and assistance in the following aspects:

  • Trademarks
  • Securing licensing strategies
  • Publishing contracts
  • Patents
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Digital rights management
  • Design registrations overseas and in Australia
  • Databases rights
  • Copyrights
  • Trade secrets & confidential information
  • Both the selling as well as buying of intellectual property rights
  • Breaches of license
  • Auditing all kinds of intellectual property assets
  • Piracy & anti-counterfeiting

We at SSSL operate as per global principles of integrity, quality and unity. Our mission is to provide to our clients the highest standard and quality of legal service and maintaining the quality at all points of contact.

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  • We provide strategic advice
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  • Our focus is on being proactive rather than reactive
  • We do not scare you with legal jargon
  • We have sound industry knowledge

Saundh, Singh & Smith Lawyers is a reputed law firm that is headed by Solicitor & Barrister Gurpal Singh who is fully-qualified for practicing in India, Australia, and New Zealand. Mr. Singh treats every case individually. He gives his special attention to each and every case. He seems to be fully involved throughout the process and he guides you every step of the way.