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Once an immovable property changes ownership, a legal process known as conveyancing needs to be taken up in order to complete the smooth transition from one owner to the other. The new owner will need to secure the certainty of his ownership of the title to the property, and as such, a new deed of transfer must be drawn up immediately after the sale. This is the essence of Property Conveyancing Melbourne.

Who We Are

As a Property Conveyancing Melbourne firm, we at Saundh, Singh & Smith Lawyers provide a host of skills and services which will take a large portion of the weight off your shoulders. Our experienced team has handled a number of conveyancing cases in the past, and we understand how stressful the entire purchasing process can be. We strive to make the process as comfortable for our clients as possible. Our workforce is helpful and experienced, clocking in at over 175 years experience combined. We do our very best to keep you in the loop and handle the legal aspects to perfection.

What We Do

Any savvy businessperson who has invested in a new property needs sound legal counsel to ensure that the entire transitioning of ownership process is handled well and smoothly, and that all their interests, professional or personal, are protected. The best Conveyancing Lawyers Melbourne at Saundh, Singh & Smith Lawyers provide just that; expert assistance to get you through the entire process without any hassles. We take on cases across all these areas:

  • Acquisition, Disposal or Site Financing Cases
  • Property and subdivision development
  • Trusts for listed as well as unlisted property
  • Leasing for community, industrial, retail or commercial use
  • Due-diligence report making
  • Compulsory Acquisition-related cases
  • Planning and execution of applications
  • Easements
  • Documentation for asset assessment or Local Council Tenders
  • Contract management for waste disposal
  • Getting approvals for environmental planning and legislation
  • Advice regarding Capital Gains Tax, Land Tax, Goods and Services Tax and Stamp Duty.

The conveyancing process also includes a discharge of all existing loans, mortgages and encumbrances and the registration of a new mortgage if the purchaser is securing finance from a creditor to acquire the new property.

Our team of professional Conveyancing Lawyers Melbourne is tremendously experienced and dedicated to providing top-notch assistance in all transactions and deals. We survey each case separately, go through the Sales and Purchase Agreement and all related paperwork thoroughly and provide customized service, which would be most effective for you. You’re in control of the situation, but do not need to concern yourself with any of the legalese or the background data, as the experts are handling all of that. If you do sign with us, we guarantee that your needs will be in the best hands.