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If you are looking for the most reliable wills lawyers Melbourne, you have come to the right people. We at Saundh, Singh & Smith Lawyers, would help you in managing a host of legal issues & matters right from routine wills to complicated plans for huge estates. We also provide effective and comprehensive estate planning especially for young professionals. No matter what the situation is, we are prepared to assist our clients in organizing all their legal documents for covering their business and personal affairs.

You have come to the right people in case you want all or some of your property to be given to certain people after your death. SSSL has an expert team of wills lawyers Melbourne that helps in fulfilling all your dreams. You need to hire the services of an expert wills lawyer for naming who would be responsible for ensuring that your wishes and plans are fulfilled and executed or for avoiding probate. Do not be under the impression that only elderly, rich or individuals with children require a last Will or testament. Make no mistake. Keep in mind that all adults would be benefitted by an estate plan including a Will as well as testament.

Need for a Will

In case of a death, a Will should be left behind by the deceased. The Will should be containing clear-cut instructions regarding what should be done to their Estate. However, a Will has many other uses including:

  • Appointing an Executor;
  • Naming the beneficiaries;
  • Appointing Guardians who would take care of your children and also, their property;
  • Advising whether cremation or burial
  • Choosing how taxes and debts would be paid;
  • Founding a trust to make sure that children are provided
  • Instituting a trust for someone with a disability.

SSSL has the best wills lawyers Melbourne, who help you in devising a proper estate plan explaining how your assets would be distributed when you pass away. Our competent wills lawyers would be able to craft an effective strategy for reducing estate taxes thus, securing financial future of your children and spouse. We are able to guide estate executors all through the complex and tedious probate process. Everyone seems to be affected by wills and estates at one stage or the other in their lives. Our competent lawyers would make sure that all your intentions regarding your Estate are accurately and clearly documented in case of your death.

We at SSSL come out with professionally drafted wills that make sure that your Estate would be distributed exactly as per your desire and wishes and also, minimize chances of anyone challenging your Will. In the event of your death, without leaving behind a professionally-drafted Will, could mean unnecessary stress, hardships and costs for your loved ones.

Call us or email us today if you want to consult with our team of expert wills lawyers Melbourne. Here are some of the areas of expertise:

  • Preparing of wills as well as trusts
  • Administration of trust estates and probate
  • Charitable as well as deferred giving
  • Succession Planning
  • Disability trusts
  • Discretionary testamentary trusts
  • Enduring guardianship
  • Estate planning for the owner of business
  • Enduring power of attorney
  • Guardianship board applications
  • Representing trustee and executors

Our specialist team of wills lawyers Melbourne are here to help you in drafting professional and valid Will, manage will dispute matters and handle probate applications efficiently. Contact us now!